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Light-responsive E. coli functional biofilms as scaffolds for hydroxyapatite mineralization

Controlling the nanoscale structure of membranes is key for clean water, researchers find

Published data from Moderna COVID-19 vaccine trial show 94.1 percent efficacy

Brain damage of patients with Covid-19

Well-preserved Ice Age woolly rhino found in Siberia

New virtual screening strategy identifies existing drug that inhibits Covid-19 virus

New mutations in malaria parasite encourage resistance against key preventive drug

Multiple mosquito blood meals accelerate malaria transmission

Spontaneous robot dances highlight a new kind of order in active matter

Stretching diamond for next-generation microelectronics

Blood vessel cells implicated in chronic inflammation of obesity

Apple patents keyboard with dynamically changing key functions

Higher red cell transfusion threshold offers no advantage for treating preterm infants

How did trauma centers respond to COVID-19? New processes provide care to trauma patients while keeping providers safe

Moving due to unaffordable housing may jeopardize healthcare

Technology news

Spontaneous robot dances highlight a new kind of order in active matter

Predicting when and how collections of particles, robots, or animals become orderly remains a challenge across science and engineering.

Apple patents keyboard with dynamically changing key functions

Apple may be preparing to reinvent the keyboard.

Amazon to buy hit podcast producer Wondery

Amazon said Wednesday it signed a deal to acquire the hit podcast production firm Wondery, in a move which boosts the US tech giant's efforts to round out its offerings from its music platform.

Facebook to close Irish units at center of tax dispute

Facebook confirmed Wednesday it was closing its Irish subsidiaries at the center of a dispute on profit shifting to avoid taxes in the United States.

Robots with rhythm: Boston Dynamics' dancing androids a hit

These robots have rhythm.

The tech refugees bringing Tesla software chops to every car

It's about the software, silly. For all of Tesla's battery wizardry, the company's equally impressive coup has been creating a vehicle that can be updated and improved from afar as easily as a smartphone. And while other automakers are finally making long-range electric vehicles, Tesla has a considerable head start in crafting a computer-like car.

With Sezzle now worth more than $1 billion, CEO describes a year on a rocket ship

During the Black Friday to Cyber Monday weekend two years ago, about 8,000 people for the first time used Sezzle Inc.'s payment system when they shopped online.

Startup Volcon joins Austin area's electric vehicle scene, plans new HQ

The Austin area's electric-powered vehicle sector continues to power up, as Volcon – a startup focused on off-road electric vehicles – is planning a new headquarters a manufacturing site in Central Texas.

They were experts in viruses, and now in pitfalls of fame

Dr. Ashish Jha started 2020 thousands of miles from home, taking a sabbatical in Europe from his academic post at Harvard. Then the coronavirus pandemic arrived in the U.S.

Indonesia in $9.8 bln electric vehicle battery deal with Korea's LG

Indonesia said Wednesday it had signed a $9.8 billion electric vehicle battery deal with South Korea's LG as it moves to become a global production hub for the green technology.

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