Neural Quantum States

How neural networks can solve highly complex problems in quantum mechanics

... Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBMs), a simple type of artificial neural network, can be used to compute with extremely high accuracy the ground-state energy of quantum systems of many particles.


Some trajectories of a harmonic oscillatoraccording to Newton's laws of classical mechanics(A–B), and according to the Schrödinger equation of quantum mechanics (C–H). In A–B, the particle (represented as a ball attached to a spring) oscillates back and forth. In C–H, some solutions to the Schrödinger Equation are shown, where the horizontal axis is position, and the vertical axis is the real part (blue) or imaginary part (red) of the wavefunction. C, D, E, F, but not G, H, are energy eigenstates. H is a coherent state—a quantum state that approximates the classical trajectory.