Quantum computer: We're planning to create one that acts like a brain

... quantum neural networks can be more powerful than classical AI software in a real world application, it would very quickly become some of the most important technology out there.

Read more at: https://phys.org/news/2019-01-quantum-brain.html

The Neuromorphic Quantum Computing (Quromorphic) Project aims to build a computer processor that transfers data in the same way neurons work in the human brain.

... Quantum computers are vastly different to a typical desktop PC.  Their development is very much in the early stages however computing giants including Google, IBM and others are currently investing in the cutting-edge technology. Central to its potential power is its processing unit, made of so called a ‘quantum bits’ or ‘qubits’. If, for example, a 100 qubit quantum computer is increased to 101 qubits, its computing power is expected to double, and for the next qubit added it will double once more.

This dramatic escalation in power has tremendous potential, which the Quoromorphic Project hopes to exploit in order to develop a human brain inspired quantum artificial intelligence.

... the European Commission announced more than half-a-million pounds of funding towards the project.