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Classical apples, medieval Pentagon, and Mars livin'
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Buenos dรญas mis Spammos Grandes, Mรกr es… hasta la vista? 

Today, I woke up to a strange sensation. 

While gently crossing the border between the realm of dreams and reality, I felt a gentle tug in the corner of my mind. A flicker of a long lost emotion washed over me as the soft ethereal voice of the universe whispered into my ear... 

"Di duh di duh di di di duh — DUHN!"

My barbaric spelling doesn't do the angelic tones justice, but every person of culture knows these by heart. The clear tonal vibrations are etched into the goo of our gray matter, forever swirling amongst our hopes, dreams, and fears.

I'm of course talking about the Nintendo Gamecube's startup intro.


You can HEAR this gif

Now before we get into it, I'm not claiming to have some Bruce Willian 'sixth sense' or that I'm a prophet with a direct line to the inner machinations of the universal order and/or Nintendo's divine mission. 

BUT! It's almost exactly 20 years since the launch of Nintendo's iconic gaming console… and I just happen to think about it? Explain that, science.


My chonky boi

While the GameCube wasn't exactly Nintendo's biggest hit (ok fine, it was a bit of a failure), I loved its design and feel. The weird little console will always have a special place in my heart, filled with childhood's unbridled sense of wonder and awe.

So as I heard the faint whisper of the celestial tones, I had to immediately go online and listen to the original score to chase the nostalgic high. 

What did I discover? People are still thinking about it. A lot.

Screenshot 2021-09-01 at 11.01.06


Sure, the GameCube intro remix meme had its heyday 10 years ago — when people added random stuff to convey… something? I don't know, but at least it gave us TrololoCube.

But the weird thing is, they're still being made. There's tons of compilations dedicated to the GameCube meme out there with millions of views — and the latest one was published this year.

What explains this 20-year long obsession? 

Is it just because people are bored OR is it proof of the existence of a mysterious cosmic power that's somehow tied to the launch of a failed Japanese gaming console?

Listen to the vibrations of the universe and you'll find the answer.

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What we're talking about

Classical apples, medieval Pentagon, and Mars livin'


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A gift for you.

Tweet of the day

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~™ CommeRcial bReak® ~

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We'll leave you with this:


Love you, mean it.

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