SpaceX is finally doing it — they're putting billboards in space.


The Future Is Programmatic Advertising In Space, Baby!

9 August 2021

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SpaceX Launching Satellite to Display Billboard Ads in Space

SpaceX is partnering with a Canadian tech startup to launch a digital billboard into orbit. Samuel Reid, CEO and co-founder of Geometric Energy Corporation (GEC), said that his company is partnering with SpaceX to launch a small advertisement satellite into space, according to Insider.

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ONE Disturbing Simulation Shows What Would Happen if You Blended Up Every Living Human

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TWO Defective Heart Pump Appears Have Killed Thousands of Patients

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THREE Here's Why Is Selling Weed Flags and Fetish Gear

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Elon Musk-approved Render Shows Two Starships, uh, Exchanging Fluids

SpaceX's Starship spacecraft won't be able to make it all the way to the Moon — nevermind Mars — all by itself. All the more reason, for, uh....this?

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" Things are unfortunately likely to get worse than they are today. "

— A recent, terrifying UN climate report.


This Innovative Art Investing Platform Lets Anyone Buy Shares of Famous Paintings

Traditionally, investing in fine art has been a financial strategy reserved only for the wealthy. But for most people, art investing comes with some significant drawbacks. For one thing, there's no guarantee you'll be able to find a buyer at the price you're looking for, a particularly serious problem if you're in need of liquidity. And of course, unless you happen to stumble upon a lost work by a master at a garage sale (possible, but not likely), a painting worth enough to be a good investment tends to be prohibitively expensive to begin with. But there's a new way to invest in art that emphasizes the investment over the art: It's called Masterworks.

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