Russia's mocking Boeing. Here's why.


The Future Is Not Wussing Out.

11 August 2021

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Hacker Steals $600 Million in Crypto, Gets Scared and Returns It

On Tuesday, a cryptocurrency brokerage called The Poly Network revealed that it had been hacked by someone who made off with over $600 million — that's more than a half of a BILLION dollars — in the form of hundreds of cryptocurrencies. But now, well: He's trying to dial it back. And: It's not working.

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ONE Uh, Uh... The Plot to "The Day After Tomorrow" Appears to Actually Be Happening

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TWO Russia Mocks Boeing, Offering to Fix Its Broken Starliner Spacecraft

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THREE That SpaceX Orbital Billboard Is So Small You'll Never See It

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How a Small Neurotech Startup Beat Elon Musk's Neuralink to FDA Approval

Last week, the FDA granted regulatory approval to the neurotech startup Synchron, giving it a groundbreaking go-ahead to conduct more ambitious experiments and test its neural implant in human paralysis patients, setting it on the path to eventually become the first brain implant to get commercial approval. That puts it ahead of Elon Musk's own neural implant venture. How, though?

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" Hermit crabs may be 'sexually excited' by an additive released by plastics in the ocean. "

— Another news outlet, which got this story very, very wrong.


This Robot Arm Turns Any Home Office Into a High-Tech Wonderland

It is no secret that the world of robotics is more accessible than ever. But thanks to the amazingly versatile Rotrics DexArm, the bar of entry is now even lower. It's a robot arm that is also a 3d Printer, a laser engraver, a personal AI assistant, and much, much more. It will transform any home office into a high-tech robotics lab that almost anyone can learn to use.

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