NASA says space station incident was way worse than we knew.


The Future Is A Trippy Trip To Space.

3 August 2021

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Videos Shows Meteor Explosion Turning Sky an Eerie Green

Last Saturday night, a meteor burned its way into the atmosphere and caused an explosion that appeared to light the night sky over İzmir, Turkey an eerie shade of green. Here's a compilation of videos showing the strange event.

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ONE Screen Use Strongly Linked to Failing Eyesight in Children

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TWO NASA Rover Finds Ancient Stone Arch on Martian Surface

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THREE Pfizer and Moderna Hike the Price of COVID Vaccines

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Scientist Says Astronauts Should Take Psychedelic Mushrooms in Space

In the future, when space agencies start to send human crews deep into space to explore or terraform distant worlds, we may need to send them off with extra goodies to keep morale high. When astronauts are feeling lonely, depressed, traumatized, or just generally bad, a little pick-me-up in the form of psychedelic mushrooms could help, mycologist Paul Stamets suggested to Scientific American.

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" The 45-degree number was initially offered in the first minutes after the event occurred by our guidance, navigation and control officer in Mission Control, but were later updated... "


With Millennials Renting Homes Like Crazy, It's a Great Time To Buy Rental Property

Wondering if it's a good idea to buy rental property? You definitely should be. Single-family rental properties have always made outstanding investments. But right now, with a huge population of Millennials coming of age and starting their own households, this asset class is stronger than ever. Anyone looking to grow their wealth and build that nest egg needs to take advantage of this opportunity. The only question is, what's the best way to go about doing that?

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