Feds smashed an armored vehicle through a wall during a Bitcoin raid.


The Future Is Regulation Bursting Through A Wall Like The Kool-Aid Man.

4 August 2021

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Russia: Our Killer Robots Don't Need Any Pesky International Laws

United Nations delegates are currently meeting to debate possible regulations controlling autonomous killer robots — but Russia is having none of it. The Russian delegate, representing a country that has already developed and deployed military robots in real-world conflicts, remained steadfast that the global community doesn't need any new rules or regulations to govern the use of killer robots.

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ONE New Law Would Make Every New Car Verify That You're Sober

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TWO The US Navy Is Working on a Solar-Powered Plane Can Fly for 90 Days Straight

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THREE Videos of Turkish Wildfires Are Like a Vision of Hell

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Feds Smashed Armored Vehicle Through Wall During Bitcoin Raid

It's no secret that the cryptocurrency world has a criminality problem. The technology is regularly being used to launder money, buy illegal contraband, and even demand ransom. In a sense, that's a core premise of blockchain tech: a hyper-libertarian dream of exchanging money and other assets without any form of government intervention.

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" It was absolutely a retaliatory move. "


With Millennials Renting Homes Like Crazy, It's a Great Time To Buy Rental Property

Wondering if it's a good idea to buy rental property? You definitely should be. Single-family rental properties have always made outstanding investments. But right now, with a huge population of Millennials coming of age and starting their own households, this asset class is stronger than ever. Anyone looking to grow their wealth and build that nest egg needs to take advantage of this opportunity. The only question is, what's the best way to go about doing that?

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