Elon Musk offers NASA: I'll make your spacesuits.


The Future Is An Algorithm That Can Explain Chet Hanks.

10 August 2021

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OpenAI's New Algorithm Can Turn Written Commands Into Code

OpenAI, the AI research company originally founded by Elon Musk — before he quit in disgust — just unveiled a new algorithm called Codex that can interpret commands written in English and turn them into chunks of usable code.

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ONE Elon Musk Offers to Make Spacesuits for NASA

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TWO Scientists Create Glass That's as Strong as a Diamond

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THREE Space Force Leaders Are Too Embarrassed to Study UFOs

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Scientists Create Horrifically Mutated Spider-Like Creatures

Scientists have genetically engineered the critters known as daddy long legs to create a mutated version with, well, short legs, in an effort to study how arachnids' genomes evolve over time — and why their creepy legs grow so lengthy in the first place, CNET reports.

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" You ain't stickin' me with that motherf*cking needle. "

— Chet Hanks, Son of Tom Hanks, and Apple Who Fell Unfortunately Far From Tree


Get A Year of Simple and Secure Cloud Storage For Just $30

By some estimates, as a species, we generate quintillions of bytes of data every day. And as even NASA has learned the hard way, you can never have too many backups. The pCloud Premium Plus Cloud Storage 1-Year Subscription is built to ensure that you always have your photos, videos, and other crucial files backed up, no matter what.

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