Biden loves EVs

The US president is pushing for electrification and wants EV to make up half of the new car sales by the next decade.
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What's up dear, Shifties? 


As usual, we'll dip into this week's most fascinating mobility news, but I have to make an announcement first. 


This'll be the last newsletter you'll get from me, Ioanna. We've been together for only a month now, so I imagine this won't be too hard a breakup for you. 


If you love me already, don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. I'll still be writing for SHIFT, covering everything you need to know about EVs, ebikes, AVs — you get the gist. 


So stay with me and keep on reading. 


Biden pushes for EVs to reach 50% in nationwide sales by 2030

This week's top stories

Xiaomi invests in a second self-driving company within three months

The smartphone business isn't enough for Xiaomi and its's seriously eyeing the mobility industry. 

On Monday, the tech company put down a $92 million investment into the self-driving startup Geometrical Partner, which provides Level 2 to Level 4 autonomous driving solutions in hardware and software.

And, folks, that's not the first time Xiaomi's invested in the sector. 

In June, the firm also took part in a $190 million series-D round in another self-driving company, called Zongmu. 

Given that the Chinese firm has already set plans to release its own EV, are we to expect that these investments foretell a Xiaomi autonomous vehicle? 

I don't know about you, but I'd like to see what a Redmi AV would like.

Click here for the full story.

DHL wants to build the world's first electric air cargo network

On Tuesday, the courier giant announced the order of twelve all-electric aircraft from Eviation to be delivered by 2024.

And, yeah, that's a big step towards electrifying freight transportation. 

Named Alice, the aircraft can be flown by a single pilot and carry up to 1,200kg of payload. 

As per DHL, it's ideal for feeder routes and for the company's tight schedules. 

Is it just me or are you also imagining your DHL packages falling from the sky?

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Buying an ebike? You should know about 'torque' and 'cadence' sensors

Yep, knowing the differences between the two sensors is a pretty big deal. 

Surprisingly, these little things are what tell an ebike's motor how much pedal assistance to provide. 

This means they have a major affect on your overall biking experience.

So this week we'll explain to you how they work, what are their pros and cons, and how much they cost.

Read this handy guide to wrap your head around it.

cadence, torque, sensors, ebike

Stuff you need to know about


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Something for the weekend

Ticket lines at metro stations can often be a nightmare.

To solve this, Moscow, among other cities worldwide, is piloting facial recognition tech on metro lines.

Simply put, your face would be the only ticket you'd need to pass through the turnstiles. 

But facial recognition comes with a high price: your privacy. 

How will your data be secured? Can your ID be used without your consent?

The use of facial recognition tech raises fundamental issues about consent.

Click here for more insights on this very complex matter

facial recognition, metro station, Moscow


So, let me pose a final question here. 

Would you trade your face for effortless, hands-free turnstiles? 

I sure wouldn't. 

And now that I've left you with some food for thought, I think it's time to call it a week. 

I'll see you around. Electrically yours, Ioanna. 




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