Elon Musk demanded to be made CEO of Apple.


The Future Is Saturday. No, Really.

30 July 2021

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Study: These Countries Are Most Likely to Survive Collapse of Civilization

A new study by researchers at the UK's Anglia Ruskin University examined which places on Earth would be best prepared to deal with breakdowns in global supply chains, financial structures, and other complex systems that we couldn't count on anymore after a true breakdown of world order. And now might be a good time to find out if you live in one of them...

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ONE Scandal-Plagued Robinhood Suffers Worst IPO in History

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TWO Elon Musk Reportedly Demanded to Be Made CEO of Apple

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THREE Renewables Overtook Coal and Nuclear Power Generation in the US Last Year

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One Day of Greenland's Ice Melt Could Submerge Florida

It shouldn't be surprising by now to learn that the Arctic is melting at an alarming rate thanks to worsening climate change — and spelling bad news for the rest of the planet. But sometimes it can be hard to conceptualize the vast scale of the problem, or how big of an impact it'll have on the rest of us, thousands of miles away. Well, new World Meteorological Organization data may help paint a mental picture. The organization reports that the amount of ice that melted in Greenland just on this Tuesday alone would be enough to submerge the entire state of Florida in two inches of water.

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" Dear friends, I'm reading your numerous comments. Don't worry! "

Russian cosmonaut Oleg Novitskiy.


This Personalized Vitamin Program Is Tailored to Your Own DNA

If you know anything at all about nutrition, you know that very few of us are getting all the nutrients we need for our bodies and minds to work at their best. One way to solve this problem is by taking vitamins regularly, but the generic multivitamins you can get at the grocery store are designed with a kind of one-size-fits-all approach, so the chances of you getting everything you need without anything you don't are low, to say the least. Enter Rootine, a personalized vitamin regimen that uses of cutting edge analysis to take into account your lifestyle, your blood nutrient levels, and even your DNA.

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