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Spotlight Stories Headlines

Icelandic volcano subsiding after first eruption in 900 years

How Finland embraced being 'world's happiest nation'

Large asteroid to (safely) zip past Earth

UK gamers and politicians take aim at console 'scalpers'

Carbon pawprint: is man's best friend the planet's enemy?

Record rains, flooding prompt evacuations in Australia

Iceland's main volcanic eruptions

An easy way to reduce socioeconomic disparities

UK vaccine drive 'huge success' after jabbing half of all adults

Japan lifts tsunami advisory after strong quake off northeast

'Hunger hormone' ghrelin affects monetary decision making

Eruption of Iceland volcano easing, not affecting flights

Meteor streaks over Cuba, causes explosion

Musk tells China data gathered by Teslas remain secret: report

Semaglutide reduces excess body fat in people with obesity

Astronomy and Space news

Large asteroid to (safely) zip past Earth

The largest asteroid to pass by Earth this year will swing closest on Sunday, giving astronomers a rare chance for a good look at a space rock that formed at the dawn of our solar system.

Meteor streaks over Cuba, causes explosion

What is believed to be a meteor lit the sky over eastern Cuba and caused an explosion, scientists on the island said Saturday. There were no reports of damage or injury.

Swiss kids suit up for 'Mission to Mars'

Leo pulls on a shiny, silver suit and places the helmet gingerly over his head before marching with the other budding astronauts towards their spaceship.

Technology news

UK gamers and politicians take aim at console 'scalpers'

Furious British gamers and lawmakers are training their sights on "scalpers" who are buying up coveted PS5 and Xbox consoles and selling them online at vastly inflated prices.

Musk tells China data gathered by Teslas remain secret: report

Tesla boss Elon Musk strongly denied Saturday that his cars, which gather large amounts of data, could ever be used to spy on China despite fears raised by Beijing, the Wall Street Journal reported.

With friendly rivalries, eSports gain traction in corporate world

Microsoft software engineer Daniel Jost has found a way to take on his peers at Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google in friendly fashion—through video game competition.

Twitter to establish legal entity in Turkey, comply with law

Twitter has announced it will establish a legal entity in Turkey in order to continue operating in the country, which passed a controversial social media law last year.

Volkswagen suspends production in Brazil over COVID

Volkswagen said Friday it was suspending production at its four plants in Brazil for 12 days because of a new surge of COVID-19 in the hard-hit country.

China crackdown cuts Big Tech down to size

Tighter regulations, billions in lost overseas share value and government pledges to get even tougher—Chinese tech giants are reeling under what looks like a sustained Big Brother assault on innovation and enterprise.

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