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Spotlight Stories Headlines

Nobel Prizes and COVID-19: Slow, basic science may pay off

Antarctic Peninsula at warmest in decades: study

Radish seeds, meats and cheeses launched to space station

Egypt reveals 59 ancient coffins found near Saqqara pyramids

What you need to know about Regeneron's COVID-19 treatment

DECT in the ED: better diagnoses, less follow-up, more savings

Subsidized cars help low-income families economically, socially

What is contact tracing, and how does it work with COVID-19?

On 10th birthday, Instagram no longer an escape from reality

Huge rescue effort after deadly storm barrels across France, Italy

New artificial intelligence models show potential for predicting outcomes

All members of military surgical teams can benefit from military-civilian partnerships

Surgery for benign breast disease does not impair future breastfeeding capability

Female Spanish-only speakers get screening mammograms less often than other women

STOP THE BLEED training has saved lives from Sierra Leone to Connecticut

Astronomy and Space news

Radish seeds, meats and cheeses launched to space station

A space station cargo ship rocketed into orbit Friday carrying a 360-degree camera for spacewalking, radish seeds for growing and a smorgasbord of fancy meats and cheeses for feasting.

Technology news

On 10th birthday, Instagram no longer an escape from reality

Artful photos of sunsets and ice cream are being challenged by more activist content on Instagram as it turns 10 years old in a time of social justice protests, climate crisis, and the pandemic.

Green-oriented NextEra nears ExxonMobil in market value

In a sign of shifting fortunes in the energy business, green-oriented power company NextEra Energy on Friday sparred with petroleum giant Exxon Mobil for market capitalization supremacy.

IndyCar extends deal with manufacturers, delays new engine

The IndyCar Series will continue running the same engines each of the next two seasons.

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