CNET at 25, from Amazon to Zuckerberg

Plus, 16 practical tips to help prevent the spread of coronavirus when out in public and this VR startup wants you to connect with others, in the social distancing age.
From Amazon to Zuckerberg: 25 years of technology
Today's Top Deal 
This $300  voice-enhancing soundbar is on sale for $170
This $300 voice-enhancing soundbar is on sale for $170

The Zvox SB380 with AccuVoice is especially great for older TV viewers and normally costs $300.

US recession? Where to get help
Out of work because of COVID-19?
If you're facing challenges due to furlough or layoff, here are some resources you can turn to for help.
Help is available
TechRepublic Pro FastAnswer: Learning basic Microsoft Access keyboard shortcuts - PDF
GUIs make applications like Microsoft Access much easier to learn, but having to reach for the mouse can actually be counter productive. Knowing a...
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