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Curiosity Mars rover takes a new selfie before record climb

Crowdsourced virtual supercomputer revs up virus research

China embarks on clinical trial for virus vaccine

Astronomy & Space news

Curiosity Mars rover takes a new selfie before record climb

NASA's Curiosity Mars rover recently set a record for the steepest terrain it's ever climbed, cresting the "Greenheugh Pediment," a broad sheet of rock that sits atop a hill. And before doing that, the rover took a selfie, capturing the scene just below Greenheugh.

Technology news

Will the US government nationalize Boeing?

About 12 years after the US government bailed out General Motors and Chrysler, Washington policymakers are debating how to throw Boeing a lifeline as it reels from dual crises over the coronavirus and 737 MAX.

Streaming services compete in a locked-down world

Disney+ is about to expand its streaming service to Europe just as large swathes of the continent are locked down because of the coronavirus.

From 'Sam-suck' to Apple rival: the Samsung transformation

Military-style management and an unquestioning reverence for the founding Lee family have fuelled Samsung's transition from the world's most ridiculed phonemaker to its biggest, says the author of a new book.

Private, online and hi-tech: the coronavirus economy

The coronavirus pandemic has sent stock markets into freefall and industries to the wall, however many firms enabling more private, online and tech-based living are emerging as potential winners.

Delta warns of 80% revenue drop as US carriers fear doom

Delta Air Lines on Friday warned the coronavirus pandemic will cut its second quarter earnings by 80 percent compared to 2019, and ratings agency S&P said other US carriers faced similar fates.

'Let it go!' Disney streams to virus-stricken Europe

Princess Elsa from "Frozen" will be unleashed across Europe in her glitter heels next week as Disney launches its digital streaming platform on the continent.

Emirates reverses decision to suspend all passenger flights

Dubai carrier Emirates reversed on Sunday its decision to suspend all passenger flights, shortly after it said it would halt operations from March 25 amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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