Grimes dropped an album and some wild ideas for the future


The Future Is Full of "Humanoid Vessels"

21 February 2020

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Grimes Wants to Send Her Mind to Mars Inside a "Humanoid Vessel"

In a new interview with British magazine The Face, singer and visual artist Grimes revealed her wild plans to travel to Mars. When asked if she'd "rather go to Mars or upload your consciousness to the cloud," the renowned musician — and Elon Musk love interest — couldn't make up her mind. But she settled on a spacey alternative.

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ONE New Battery Tech Could Double Electric Car Driving Range

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TWO Bill Nye: Humans May Be Descendants of Ancient Martians

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THREE Here's Why NASA Suspects Mars Life Could Be Hiding Underground

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FOUR What in Tarnation Is This "SpaceX Village" by the Starship Launch Site

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FIVE Japan Gives the 'Go' to Sample Return Mission to Mars Moon

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Chess Grandmaster Kasparov: I've Made "Peace" With Robot That Beat My Ass

Twenty-three years ago — long before "machine learning" was a term regularly belched up by luddites hiding behind dumb mid-level marketing buzzwords and printed-out Recode posts — IBM's Deep Blue AI beat reigning global Chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov, sending shockwaves through the worlds of chess, computing, and conspiratorial technophobes, as fear of sentient computing had permeated another layer of pop culture.

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" We are sidestepping all of the scientific challenges that have held fusion energy back for more than half a century. "

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