Amazon wants to literally whip stuff into orbit


The Future Is Neural Nets Saving the Planet

17 February 2020

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Neural Network Says These 11 Asteroids Could Smash Into Earth

A team of researchers at Leiden University in the Netherlands have developed a neural network called "Hazardous Object Identifier" that they say can predict if an asteroid is on a collision course with Earth. Their new AI singled out 11 asteroids that were not previously classified by NASA as hazardous, and which were larger than 100 meters in diameter — big enough to explode with the force of hundreds of nuclear weapons if they impacted Earth, potentially leveling entire cities.

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ONE Scientists Propose Gene Hack to Make Cocaine Less Fun

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TWO These Unsettling Medical Masks Look Like Human Faces

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THREE Endangered Gorilla Community Ravaged by Exotic Man-Borne Disease

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FOUR Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Locusts? Bomb-Sniffing Cyborg Locusts.

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FIVE Amazon Patented a System That Literally Whips Stuff Into Orbit

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China Locks Up Activist Who Criticized State's COVID-19 Response

On Saturday evening, Chinese authorities arrested Xu Zhiyong, a legal expert and civil rights activist who criticized the government's response to the outbreak of the coronavirus COVID-19. Xu called on President Xi Jinping to resign in an essay earlier this month, The Guardian reports. In it, Xu specifically pointed toward the government's initial choice to censor whistleblowers and keep the outbreak quiet rather than disseminating warnings and safety tips to the public.

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" The future is to have all these devices around you, but... Your circle of trust will have to be much smaller, sometimes down to your actual body. "

Ben Zhao, computer science professor at the University of Chicago

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