UK's first astronaut says aliens definitely exist, may be on Earth


The Future Is Aliens. "There's No Two Ways About It."

7 January 2020

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UK's First Astronaut: Aliens Definitely Exist, May Be on Earth

Helen Sharman, the first British astronaut, spoke in an interview about everything from her childhood to her experience in space — as well as her firm belief that Earth isn't the only source of life in the universe. "Aliens exist," the astronaut insisted, "there's no two ways about it."

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ONE Impossible Foods' Fake Pork Looks Absolutely Scrumptious

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TWO Astronomers Capture Repeating Radio Burst From Spiral Galaxy

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THREE US Website Defaced With Pro-Iran Propaganda, Bloody Trump Face

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FOUR Samsung's Artificial Humans Look Eerily, Well, Human

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FIVE Boeing Finds Even More Issues With Its Troubled 737 Max Plane

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Facebook Bans All Deepfakes

Facebook announced Monday that it's planning to ban and remove all deepfakes uploaded to its platform. Facebook is hoping to address the issue by "partnering with academia, government and industry" and even "exposing people behind these efforts." Experts have argued they have the potential to undermine democracy by misleading voters with AI-generated propaganda — a pertinent topic in light of the 2020 elections in the U.S.

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" Biggest surprise at the Tesla gigafactory ceremony to mark first Model 3 deliveries? [Elon Musk] dancing on stage. "

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