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The experimental demonstration of a spin quantum heat engine

New class of crosslinker-free nanofiber biomaterials from Hydra nematocyst proteins

The mysterious case of the ornamented coot chicks has a surprising explanation

How fish fins evolved just before the transition to land

Life could have emerged from lakes with high phosphorus

New study investigates properties of the Melotte 105 cluster

See that blue car in D8? A robot is charging it

Mars 2020 rover to seek ancient life, prepare human missions

Intel at CES to spring laptop cooling news?

Short or long sleep associated with Pulmonary Fibrosis

Learning from the bears

Scientists link La NiƱa climate cycle to increased diarrhea

Replacing one gas with another helps efficiently extract methane from permafrost

Combining neurologic and blood pressure drugs reduces breast tumor development in mice

Harnessing hot carriers for high efficiency solar cells

Physics news

The experimental demonstration of a spin quantum heat engine

The theoretical notion of a 'quantum heat engine' has been around for several decades. It was first introduced around sixty years ago by Scovil and Schulz-DuBois, two physicists at Bell Labs who drew an analogy between three-level masers and thermal machines.

Scientists have developed a new concept of mathematical modeling

A team of scientists from the Research Center "Fundamental Problems of Thermophysics and Mechanics," of Samara Polytech is engaged in the construction of new mathematical models and the search for methods for their study in relation to a wide range of local nonequilibrium transport processes in various physical systems. An innovative approach developed not so long ago is based on a modern version of third-generation thermodynamics. The project of these scientists, "Development, theoretical research and experimental verification of mathematical models of oscillatory processes, heat and mass transfer and thermomechanics with two- and multiphase delays" was among the winners of the RFBR contest. Recent research results are published in the journal Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications.

Astronomy & Space news

New study investigates properties of the Melotte 105 cluster

A new study recently conducted by astronomers has investigated the Melotte 105 open cluster with the aim on uncovering its fundamental properties. The research, presented in a paper published December 18 on, provides more accurate measurements of the cluster's distance, age and metallicity.

Mars 2020 rover to seek ancient life, prepare human missions

The Mars 2020 rover, which sets off for the Red Planet next year, will not only search for traces of ancient life, but pave the way for future human missions, NASA scientists said Friday as they unveiled the vehicle.

US astronaut sets record for longest spaceflight by a woman

A U.S. astronaut set a record Saturday for the longest single spaceflight by a woman, breaking the old mark of 288 days with about two months left in her mission.

Technology news

See that blue car in D8? A robot is charging it

OK, this is the future and it is just a normal day at a parking garage where the new norm is the electric vehicle. A little blue car pulls in and ambles over to the lane space of D8.

Intel at CES to spring laptop cooling news?

What does Intel have up its sleeve for CES 2020? One of the surprises, say a bunch of recent articles, might well be a thermal module solution for laptops. The new design could allow vendors to create fanless notebooks and can further shrink their thickness, said DigiTimes.

Spotify says will skip political ads in 2020

Online music giant Spotify said Friday it would suspend political advertising in early 2020, becoming the latest digital giant to act on concerns over disinformation ahead of the US election.

UAE denies developing popular Mideast app as spy tool

The United Arab Emirates on Saturday denied reports that a popular mobile application developed in the country was used for government spying.

Why you're receiving all those privacy update emails

You knew that every time you went online and typed away, companies took every one of your inputs to study, market and share with others.

Calif. vastly expands digital privacy. Will people use it?

Forty million Californians will soon obtain sweeping digital privacy rights stronger than any seen before in the U.S.—rights that could pose a significant challenge to Big Tech and the data economy it created.

Musk sees people-moving Las Vegas tunnel opening in 2020

A nearly mile-long tunnel in Las Vegas meant to showcase a "traffic busting" alternative for overcrowded cities should be completed next year, innovative entrepreneur Elon Musk said on Twitter.

As robots take over warehousing, workers pushed to adapt

Guess who's getting used to working with robots in their everyday lives? The very same warehouse workers once predicted to be losing their jobs to mechanical replacements.

Tesla delivers first batch of China-made cars

Tesla delivered its first batch of China-made cars on Monday, less than a year after the electric vehicle company broke ground on its first plant outside the United States.

Coming for iPhone 11 from Anker: An Apple-approved external flash to light up your photos

The Chinese electronics company Anker is reportedly planning to release an Apple-approved external flash for smartphones, so the iPhone 11 you got for Christmas can be used more like a camera.

Homeowners in North Carolina called 911 to report an intruder. It turned out to be a rogue Roomba

Several police officers stormed into a home in North Carolina after the startled homeowners called to report an intruder in the middle of the night. The suspected burglar turned out to be a rogue robot vacuum cleaner.

NYU doctor Joseph Wiesel claims Apple used his patented heartbeat-monitoring tech without permission in lawsuit

Over the past year, Apple Watches have been credited with detecting heart complications and saving lives on multiple occasions.

Swiss minister says Facebook's Libra has 'failed' in current form

The Swiss president and finance minister has delivered the latest blow to Facebook's planned Libra cryptocurrency, saying it has "failed in its current form," Swiss network SRF reported Friday.

UN backs Russia on internet convention, alarming rights advocates

The United Nations on Friday approved a Russian-led bid that aims to create a new convention on cybercrime, alarming rights groups and Western powers that fear a bid to restrict online freedom.

States charge more for electric cars as new laws take effect

The new year will bring new charges for some owners of electric vehicles, as an increasing number of states seek to plug in to fresh revenue sources to offset forgone gas taxes.

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