TikTok banned a teen for criticizing China


The Future Is Room Service in Space

2 December 2019

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The Race is Heating Up to Open the First Space Hotel

As companies push to become the first to launch a commercial hotel in space, it's becoming increasingly clear just how many obstacles are in their path. The laws that govern space ventures are generally focused on weapons and rockets, not tourist destinations.

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ONE Scientists: Ominous Black Hole Is Way Too Big to Exist

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TWO FBI Warns That Your New Smart TV Could Be Used to Spy on You

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THREE Russia Wants to Build an Observatory on the Moon

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FOUR Europe's Space Agency Joins Mission to Deflect Killer Asteroids

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FIVE TikTok Bans 17-Year-Old for Criticizing China

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China Makes Deepfakes Illegal

The Chinese government just made it illegal to pass off deepfakes or other AI-created media as legitimate. After January 1, anyone in China who uses artificial intelligence or virtual reality tech to synthesize realistic media will have to disclose that their creations aren't real life.

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" While I appreciate the potential benefits of autonomous vehicles, I remain concerned that humans will be used as test dummies. "

New Mexico Senator Tom Udall

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