Russia's working on a plan to blow up killer asteroids


The Future Is Russia to the Rescue?

13 December 2019

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Russia Is Working on Its Own Plan to Blow up Killer Asteroids

Russian space agency Roscosmos is creating a center devoted to monitoring meteors, comets, and asteroids to ensure they don't collide with Earth — even it means having to blow them up in space.

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ONE Tesla: Cybertrucks Could Weigh Up To 10,000 Pounds

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TWO 35 Cows Live on a Floating Dairy Farm Staffed by Robots

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THREE Report: Facial Recognition Should Be Banned From Everyday Life

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FOUR Adorable Physics Prof Finally Gets His Viral Moment of Fame

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FIVE NASA Releases "Treasure Map" for Water Ice on Mars

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Scientists Discover "Dark River" Under Greenland

Scientists mapping the bedrock beneath Greenland believe they've uncovered a vast, thousand-mile-long river hiding underground. The vast underground network likely drains melted glacier ice from the center of the massive island to the sea.

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" What time travel means here is stepping between those histories — that's even freakier. At some level it doesn't even feel like time travel anymore. "

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