NASA releases new image of interstellar visitor


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17 December 2019

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Scientists Want a Giant Folding Space Telescope to Find Earth 2.0

NASA astronomers have proposed building a gigantic, folding space telescope to scan for new exoplanets. The Habitable Exoplanet Observatory would grant it a greater ability to observe and spot distant Earthlike worlds, and better determine whether they can support life or even future human settlements.

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ONE Boeing to Halt Production of Disaster-Prone 737 MAX Jet

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TWO Tesla Owner's Dashcam Footage Proves Cop Wrong

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THREE New Orleans Declares State of Emergency Due to Hackers

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FOUR Europe is Launching a Planet-Hunting Space Telescope Tomorrow

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FIVE NASA Releases New Image of Interstellar Visitor

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Africa Unveils Massive Alien-Hunting Antenna Network

Thousands of engineers have been hard at work on a gigantic intergovernmental radio telescope network called the Square Kilometer Array (SKA), which will be so large that it will span eight countries in Africa. The array will scan the skies for radio signals — including signs of alien life — up to billions of light-years away.

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