Electric cars, an exploding Starship, and President Trump visits an Apple factory

The LA Auto show continues to crank out announcements about electric cars, electric car concepts, and electric car prices. But the vast majority of electric car mindshare belongs to Tesa, and tonight Tesla is going to host an event for its new pickup truck, the Cybertruck.

Keep an eye out for news from there, and the rest of today's links below. Sorry for the short note today — I'm saving as many words as I can for a pile of reviews that are in my backlog before I take off for vacation next week. Oh right: I may put the newsletter on hiatus next week or perhaps hand it off to a colleague for a few days while I convalesce in a cabin in the woods.

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It's Electric! (cars)

It's tonight: What to expect from Tesla's Cybertruck pickup truck event

Mercedes-Benz's electric SUV will start at $67,900

Audi reveals its second electric car, the E-Tron Sportback

Volkswagen's ID Space Vizzion is an electric wagon that goes 300 miles


The world's first robot car death was the result of human error — and it can happen again

Andrew Hawkins spoke to a former Uber employee, who gave this absolutely brutal quote:

"The driver had one chance to save her life," one former Uber ATG employee who was with the company at the time of the crash, told The Verge, "but Uber had dozens."

Uber will start audio-recording rides as a safety measure

I have mixed feelings about this one. It could be a genuine boon for safety, but Uber also has a well-documented track record of misusing this kind of data. Also, it was never really safe to talk about sensitive stuff in an Uber, but is absolutely won't be anymore.

Black Friday is coming

These are the best Windows 10 laptop and MacBook deals coming on Black Friday

We have a ton of Black Friday coverage on the site already and more coming. Keep an eye on this page: https://www.theverge.com/black-friday

Comprehensive: How to choose the right TV for your home

Apple's new iPhone battery cases have a physical camera shortcut button

I did not expect a camera button. I wonder if third parties are allowed to make cases that do this. I wonder also if those cases could let you long-press the button to do a quick video. 

PopSockets made an AirPods grip, and it is godawful

I firmly believe you should never look down on people for their tech choices. If this thing looks useful with you, go with peace. But also: no thank you.

Verge Deal of the day 

Steam's 'Remote Play Together' PC game sale is live

Remote Play just came out of beta for all Steam users, effectively allowing cross-platform play between players on iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Windows who have the Steam app. To celebrate the release, Valve has marked down several games that support the feature, including The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Towerfall Ascension, Spelunky, and more.

More from The Verge

SpaceX's prototype Starship rocket partially bursts during testing in Texas

Loren Grush got a statement from SpaceX:

"The purpose of today's test was to pressurize systems to the max, so the outcome was not completely unexpected," a spokesperson for SpaceX told The Verge. "There were no injuries, nor is this a serious setback."

Google issues harsh new restrictions on political ad targeting

Makena Kelly points out an important caveat

Advertisers will still be able to target voters based on age, gender and zip code, but no more specific location targeting will be permitted. Contextual advertising, like "serving ads to people reading or watching a story about, say, the economy," Google said, will also be permitted.

So hang on, if advertisers can still target users based on the websites they visit and other factors heavily associated with their politics and location, how is this a real restriction? 

Facebook and Google surveillance is an 'assault on privacy,' says Amnesty International

Zoe Schiffer explains the main points:

The report points out that Google now controls 90 percent of search engine usage around the world, while one third of the globe uses a Facebook-owned service every day. "Billions of people have no meaningful choice but to access this public space on terms dictated by Facebook and Google," said Kumi Naidoo, Secretary General of Amnesty International.

Trump is lying about the 'new' 'Apple' factory

Why Tim Cook made friends with Donald Trump

If you're wondering what the heck Tim Cook is thinking hanging out with Donald Trump, Russell Brandom can tell you why.

5 great Apple Arcade games you may have missed

I tried an early demo of Manifold Garden and was entranced. Can't wait to play it.

Kicking Stadia when it's down: Amazon's cloud gaming service could arrive next year and offer Twitch integration

PayPal acquires the company behind the Honey deal-finding extension for $4 billion

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