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Or how I'm tired, oh so very tired, and had to rush this out as quickly as possible.
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Plugged In

This week, Plugged In is rubbing its eyes and yowling at the lights like a newborn.

Friends, enemies... it's over. The holiday escapades that you've been following with bated breath have finally come to a close.

This means a few things. First off, a practical matter. This newsletter is going to be a cop-out because I only got back to work today and I think I've forgotten how to write.

Secondly, oh god.

And thirdly? Well, I'm going to squeeze every last little bit of content out of my trip to make my life easier.

orange-squeezeReally, when you think about it, they're all the same point.


While the excitement and spontaneity and debauchery of my jaunt has ended, there is a positive of being back in my apartment again. No, not friends or familiarity... I'm talking about my stuff.

Across my last few newsletters, I talked about the decisions I made in what to bring along with me on my trip. No longer will I have to choose, pals. It's my house. And it's brimming with cool things.

There are the chairs grooved to my ass-shape, my finely cultivated record collection, and no one to tell me to put clothes on. 

Home isn't just where my heart is; it's where all my shit is too.

News you need



Phones are getting 200MP sensors soon — thanks, Samsung.


Google has FIRED SHOTS.


Wondering why Apple's making an app for lovers of classical music? YOU ARE NOW.


Oh wow, Bose has just released the QuietComfort 45, a pair of headphones that are bound to be brilliant ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵖᵉʳ ᵠᵘᶦᵉᵗ.


Instagram wants your date of birth.

A review you're required to read

Why share one review... when I could share several?

That's right, I'm giving you the resplendent opportunity to re-read our selection of the best gear and gadgets for travelers.

best gadgets for travelers 2021

Now I'm back home, I can report that everything in this list served me well on my escapades. Hell, most of it I owned beforehand, so I know it'll continue to serve me well.

If you're on the hunt for something cool, you're bound to find it in this selection of Sweet Shit.

Go and check it out

Sponsored by TNW

Look who's taking the stage...

Same ad as last week? You fucking betcha.

Yes, our sub-brand Neural covers AI and quantum computing but it's so much more! We've got one eye on big tech, one on the startup scene, and a third robotic eye focused on politics and government policy.

And that's exactly why we're proud to introduce Neural at TNW Conference, featuring an amazing speaker list with people who work and create in a variety of domains.

From Unity's Danny Lange — a legend in the gaming industry — to Shopify's Ella Hilal, we're hosting some of the AI/ML community's most important thinkers. Come see them — virtually or in person — at our two-day tech festival on Sept 30 and Oct 1.

Here's a cool thing (also, cya)


Life is tough, so god bless the existence of stand up.

Got a spare 78 minutes? Then I implore you to watch Stewart Lee's 2005 show, Stand Up Comedian.

If you've never watched Stewart Lee perform, you're in for a treat. It's hard to describe precisely how he goes about his routines, but he has a style that deconstructs the nature of comedy.

Anyway, Lee is one of my favorite ever comedians — and I think you'll love him too.

You can watch Stand Up Comedian on YouTube here.


Tell your enemies all about Plugged In. I'll see the rest of you jabronis later.


Peas & Louvre,


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Any good?

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Positive Meh Negative

From Amsterdam with <3

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