Apple Has New iPhones, iPads, and More

During Tuesday's Apple Event, the company revealed the iPhone 13, new iPad mini, and more.

September 15, 2021

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It's September 15, 2021. On this day in 1986, Apple revealed the Apple IIgs, the last major release in the Apple II series. The company would choose to focus on the Macintosh instead, and we think we all know how that's going for them.

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1. Apple Unveils Its New iPhone and iPad Lineups

Apple arrived at its September event on Tuesday with a bunch of a new hardware announcements, and there was a little something for everyone. New iPhone 13? Check. A new iPad mini? Check. How about a new iPad with a more powerful processor? That's pretty specific, but, yes, that was there, too.

2. Apple Issues Critical New Security Patches

A recently discovered Apple exploit made it possible for devices to be infected with spyware without any user action. Apple has since issued a patch to fix the problem, and while the exploit was unlikely to target everyday people, it's recommended you install the new patch as soon as possible. Woo, security!

3. New PS5 Update Launches Wednesday

The PS5 is getting a major software update on Wednesday. The update includes M.2 SSD storage expansion support, 3D audio support, and new customization options that improve the user experience. If you're fortunate enough to own one, upgrade asap and let us non-owners know what it's like. 

🦑 Go Deeper

The NBA 2K series is finally embracing the WNBA in NBA 2K22, and Jen Allen is definitely on board with it. Are the additions good? Yes. Could it do more? Also yes. Still, it's a good start, and hopefully it's not the last time the video game/basketball series is more inclusive.

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🎱 By the Numbers

iPhones are still ahead

Data: Counterpoint Research

With the iPhone 13 just around the corner, let's take a look at the iPhone 12. Turns out, it's still doing pretty well these days, with three models taking the top spots, and four models cracking the top 10 overall. It's a safe bet iPhones will continue to be popular unless Apple does something truly nefarious.

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Elevate Your Exercise Routine With a Stylish Smartwatch

If you really want to take your exercise routine to the next level, you'll need the best equipment for the job. Our search for the right smartwatch led us right to the Galaxy Watch4.

🤓 Nerd Out

"Who had this on their 2021 Bingo card?" —Molly McLaughlin, Senior Content Strategist

Mark this one down as an unlikely pairing: a famous UFO hunter and a Harvard geneticist have teamed up to bring back woolly mammoths. You know, the extinct ones? We have no expectations, but we wish them the best. (Share on Twitter)

💎 You Know You Want It 

True to its name

Image: BOXX Corp

We're sure many of you like scooters, which is why we're bringing the Boxx to your attention. The appropriately-named electric bike can carry up to 300lbs, has a top speed of 35 mph and a 20-40 miles travel distance, and it comes in a variety of colors. Just one look, and you'll know if you want it or not.

🚀 Facing the Future

Where's all the talent?

You can't incorporate new tech into your business if you don't have the people for the job. Unfortunately, according to a new study, there's a huge IT talent scarcity that threatens to slow new tech adoption to a crawl.

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