Scientist: Aliens might be communicating with us through starlight.


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2 August 2021

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Japanese Scientists Propose Microwave-Powered Spacecraft

Even with SpaceX launching commercial missions to the International Space Station, spaceflight is still a costly and resource-intensive endeavor, with bigger and heavier rockets forced to dedicate much of their storage space to their fuel supply. To avoid all that bulk, one of the many teams of researchers investigating alternative forms of propulsion has an intriguingly odd idea: powering rockets by blasting them with a focused microwave beam from the ground.

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ONE Scientists Horrified by Growing "Dead Zone" in Ocean

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TWO One Day of Greenland's Ice Melt Could Submerge Florida

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THREE Scandal-Plagued Robinhood Suffers Worst IPO in History

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Scientist Claims That Aliens May Be Communicating via Starlight

When we gaze up at the night sky, we might be accidentally eavesdropping on an alien conversation. At least, that's according to Imperial College London quantum physicist Terry Rudolph, who last week published preprint research theorizing that an advanced extraterrestrial civilization might alter the light coming off stars in order to communicate across great distance, almost like a series of interstellar smoke signals.

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" The consequence is amazing: You evade the second law of thermodynamics. "


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