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Plugged In

This week, Plugged In is licking the wall and sticking its tongue in every available socket.

Friends, enemies, people who haven't made their mind up about me yet — I've done something I haven't in over a year: come back to the UK.

Don't worry, this isn't an ode to British culture (music! pints! gravy!), YET... there's one towering part of the country's civilization that smacked me right in my mindface when I arrived.

You guessed it, I'm talking about plugs.

I've lived in Amsterdam for a few years now and, the thing about Europe, is that pretty much everywhere uses the same plugs. You know, these ones:

giphy-Aug-13-2021-11-47-48-53-AMThis is the only GIF of an EU plug I could find, soooo.... enjoy?


These are exactly the sort of plugs that the UK does not use.

And — in my endless, ever flowing wisdom — I made the mistake of bringing but a single adaptor.

That might not sound too bad, but it is. Oh my lord it is. 

Let me spray some context on that statement. Currently, I have four separate pieces of technology that need charging touching my body.

giphy-downsized-largeFor the intrigued, I'm typing on a laptop, have a phone in my pocket, an Apple Watch on my wrist, and am wearing headphones.

Of course, My Struggle is My Own Damn Fault™ — and I'm not gonna dispute that.

But this has led me to a place I didn't expect to be in, specifically a place where I'm thinking about plugs quite a lot.

Solving my issue was easy. Almost cool.

I ordered an adaptor for about $5 that arrived on the same day and allowed me to juice up my devices with impunity.

But, on the other hand… what?


Look, I get it. AC power infrastructure was created long enough ago that standards differ across the world. But... can't we all just agree to move to USB or something? Make my life just a little simpler.

This issue riles me up even more when I remember that... the UK and Europe are… right there...? next to each other...? close enough to swim between...?


If only there was some sort of united governmental body across the continent that could work together to make its part of the world a better place for its inhabitants.

No. I'm being stupid. That could never work.

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Samsung! Unpacked! Announcements!


Yes, this edition is all about Samsung Unpacked. Here's info on the company's new folding phones.

Aaaand here's some shit about Samsung's Galaxy Watch 4


FINALLY! Here's why Samsung's foldables will always play second fiddle... until they're as good as normal phones.


Bonus news: We like Xbox Night Mode. A lot.

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Okay... Windows laptops? Which one should you choose?

Well, how about the HP Spectre x360 14?Screenshot 2021-08-12 at 14.43.07

This gorgeous ultraportable laptop is close to being the perfect Windows machine.

To make things easier (and so you don't have to wade through an endless sea of text), we've split the review into the good, the okay, and the bad.

Let's just say there's a lot more in that first category than the following two.

Find our full thoughts here.

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Oh lord I'm getting all sweaty in excitement about TNW2021 — and you really should be feeling the same.

Why? Because of speakers like Chris Ume. He's the co-founder of, and is widely recognized as the world expert in the emerging field of hyper-real videos.

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Anyway, you can find out more about the body-tingling TNW2021 right here. Come and hang in Amsterdam.

Here's a cool thing (also, cya)


Recently, I read a book called The Shepherd's Life: A People's History of the Lake District.

Written by James Rebanks, this piece of non-fiction describes his life as a shepherd in one of England's most famous bits of countryside.

At times, I came close to adoring the novel. In the end though, I settled on it being pretty damn good instead.

The main issue is the narrator, Mr. Rebanks himself, kiiinda comes across like an arrogant know-it-all who's convinced that his way of life is the only way.

And yes, stones and glass houses and all that.

Despite this, The Shepherd's Life has some absolutely glorious moments. The writing is sparse and evocative — especially when Rebanks is describing landscapes and weather.

Where his book really shines though is giving an insight into the ancient nature of shepherding in the Lake District. It's impossible not to be fascinated when he's talking about the ebb-and-flow of the seasons and how it relates to sheep rearing.

If you're looking for a non-fiction read that'll shine a gorgeous light on a world you probably know little about, you could do far worse than The Shepherd's Life.


Tell your enemies all about Plugged In. I'll see the rest of you jabronis later.


Peas & Louvre,


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From Amsterdam with <3

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