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The Future Is Human Composting!

12 August 2021

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Awesome Video Shows Spacecraft Whipping Past Brightly-Lit Venus

The European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter just passed close by Venus. During its daring flyby — the probe came within just 4,967 miles of the surface — the small spacecraft's telescope captured a stunning series of images showing the planet brightly illuminated by the Sun.

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ONE New California Law Would Allow Human Composting

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TWO Audi Electric Car Concept Changes Entire Shape at the Touch of a Button

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THREE After Mars Rover Fails to Collect Rock, NASA Blames Rock

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India's Latest Rocket Launch Ends in "Catastrophic Failure"

In an unfortunate turn of events, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)'s first rocket launch of 2021 ended in "catastrophic failure" last night. And how much of a failure was it? Well!

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" Somehow, this wasn't convincing… "

— Elon Musk, talking that sh*t again.


The Future of Real Estate Investing Is Here, and It's Peer-to-Peer

Historically, to invest in real estate, you have to have an enormous amount of capital and political know how. It's one of the most dependable investments you can make, but that dependability comes with a high price tag. And without the necessary funding and connections, you might as well be playing Monopoly. But recent innovations in something called peer-to-peer investing make it possible for almost anyone to get their own slice of the lucrative real estate pie, and the PeerStreet investment platform is one of the best ways to get in on the action.

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