Space station astronauts threw their own Zero-G Olympics.


The Future Is "Awesome" and "Inspiring," According To Our Boss.

29 July 2021

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Space Station Astronauts Threw Their Own Zero-G Olympic Games

The Olympic spirit has become so infectious that even astronauts stationed on board the International Space Station were inspired to put on their own microgravity games — a heartwarming example of international camaraderie.

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ONE A Baby Was Born With Her "Parasitic" Twin Inside Her Stomach

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TWO Crisis Briefly Spins International Space Station Out of Control

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THREE Renewables Overtook Coal and Nuclear Power Generation in the US Last Year

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Elon Musk Employees Are Instructed to Tell People He's "Awesome" and "Inspiring"

If you take a ride on Loop, Elon Musk's underground tunnel transportation system in Las Vegas, you might get a bizarrely rosy portrait of the enigmatic megabillionaire during your journey. That's because The Boring Company provides drivers — yes, the high-tech underground transportation of the future is no different than driving through a tunnel — with a specific script to help them field any passenger questions, according to documents obtained by TechCrunch.

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" Implementing these three policies soon will help ensure the long-term sustainability of human civilization. "


LifeShip Puts The DNA Of Somebody You Love On The Moon

Space is an increasingly busy place, especially with the influx of billionaire-funded space launches. And while that's led to scientific innovation and growing space programs, these trips mostly fall short of our nearest neighbor: the Moon.

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