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Due to an increasing volume of information and news about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have split stories concerning the virus into a separate category in the MedicalXpress daily newsletter. As always, you may configure your email newsletter preferences in your ScienceX account.

Spotlight Stories Headlines

Deep-sea worms and bacteria team up to harvest methane

When what-if scenarios turn real: Pandemic modelers providing new COVID-19 insights

Anterior insula activation restores prosocial behavior in animal model of opioid addiction

Study identifies new temperature sensing mechanism in plants

Using sponges to wipe out cancer

A direct protein-to-protein binding couples cell survival to cell proliferation

Italy's doctors look for help from sleek new robots

Smartphone vs virus, is privacy always going to be the loser?

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover gets its wheels and air brakes

Mask slips: U-turn as leaders tell public to cover their faces

Engineers, nurses design low-cost face shield PPE for health care

New study identifies characteristics of patients with fatal COVID-19

Advice to health staff suffering skin damage from face masks

Larger thighs associated with lower risk of heart disease in obesity

Deaths of doctors, nurses highlight virus risks they run

Astronomy and Space news

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover gets its wheels and air brakes

Final assembly and testing of NASA's Perseverance rover continues at Kennedy Space Center in Florida as the July launch window approaches. In some of the last steps required prior to stacking the spacecraft components in the configuration they'll be in atop the Atlas V rocket, the rover's wheels and parachute have been installed.

Technology news

Italy's doctors look for help from sleek new robots

The shiny new robots gently check the pulses of highly infectious patients on life support in the Italian epicentre of COVID-19.

Smartphone vs virus, is privacy always going to be the loser?

In Europe, officials, doctors and engineers are looking at how smartphones could be enlisted in the war against the spread of the new coronavirus.

Video app Zoom rockets to fame, with some hiccups, amid pandemic

What does British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have in common with virtual happy hour celebrants and thousands of students around the world?

Quibi launching Hollywood 'on the go' streaming amid lockdown

Quibi, the multi-billion-dollar streaming platform launching Monday, is betting it can transform entertainment with short, Hollywood-quality clips to watch "on the go"—even as much of the world is trapped at home.

Delta sees 90% drop in Q2 revenues due to virus

Delta Air Lines said Friday it was will reduce hours for some employees as it projected a stunning 90 percent drop in second-quarter revenue due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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