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Unraveling turbulence: New insights into how fluids transform from order to disorder

Omega-3 fats do not protect against cancer: study

Study: Coronavirus may have been around Seattle for weeks

Physics news

Unraveling turbulence: New insights into how fluids transform from order to disorder

Turbulence is everywhere—it rattles our planes and makes tiny whirlpools in our bathtubs—but it is one of the least understood phenomena in classical physics.

Technology news

Social networks on back foot as digital campaigns expand tactics

Social platforms are scrambling to cope with the onslaught of political messages involving celebrity endorsements, bots and manipulated videos as the US election campaign is shaken up by Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg's deep-pocketed efforts.

Teens love the video app TikTok. Do they love it too much?

From the perspective of teens, TikTok is a major new outlet for self-expression, one proudly home to the silly, the loud and the weird.

Developer to open hub to grow U.S. offshore wind industry

An offshore wind developer is opening a hub in Providence that its executives hope will help accelerate the takeoff of the industry in the United States.

Used cars keep Africans moving, but dumping concerns remain

Salesmen whistle at potential buyers of scores of vehicles shining in the afternoon sun. One truck might bring over $20,000 but it's far from the "brand new" ride the salesman touts it to be while attempting to start the engine.

Global economy wavers as world comes to standstill amid epidemic

The world is coming to a standstill as the new coronavirus spreads: schools have closed in Japan, rallies are banned in Switzerland and flights are canceled worldwide.

Israeli airline eyes mass job cuts over coronavirus

Israeli airline El Al said Sunday it was considering firing 1,000 staff out of its total workforce of around 6,000 due to losses linked to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

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