Quanta Magazine Introduces 'The Map of Mathematics'

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Quanta Magazine Introduces 'The Map of Mathematics'

What is the state of mathematics today, as mathematicians practice it? Mathematics is too grand a subject to be summarized easily, but Quanta Magazine has developed an online interactive experience, The Map of Mathematics, that can give you the flavor of the major questions and controversies that animate the field.

From simple conceptual starting points — Numbers, Shapes, Change — the map branches out into interwoven tendrils of thought. Follow them, and you will learn how prime numbers connect to geometry, how fluid dynamics relates to general relativity and how symmetries give a handle on questions of infinity. There's no right or wrong way to explore. You can go in a straight line from topic to topic, or jump around, searching for something that catches your eye.

If mathematics is the poetry of logic, as Albert Einstein once wrote, then this map can be your guide to all the beauty that mathematics describes.

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