Here's what's going on with COVID-19 fatality reporting


The Future Is A Planet Full of Energy

14 February 2020

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This Team Wants to Capture Unlimited Energy From Inside the Earth

In central Italy, a team of scientists dug a well two miles deep in search of a functionally-unlimited supply of clean energy. They're looking for a system of highly pressurized fluids which could be a key source of renewable energy but they may also trigger a massive earthquake.

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ONE Here's How to Store Wind and Solar Energy Using Just Gravity

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TWO This "Blockbuster" Movie Will Be Shot Entirely in Vertical Video

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THREE Tesla Returns Autopilot Features to Used Car After Outrage

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FOUR This Record-Breaking Astronaut's Dog Is Really Glad to See Her. But.

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FIVE Disney's Live-Action "Mulan" Could Flop in China Due to Virus Outbreak

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Here's Why There Are So Few Reported COVID-19 Fatalities Today

If you've been following the count of confirmed deaths caused by the COVID-19 virus, the novel coronavirus currently plaguing China, you may have noticed what looked like a large spike followed by a leveling off. The truth may be slightly more complicated as China has been adjusting its clerical approach to recording such statistics. Here's what that means for gathering data about the virus.

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" Detailed knowledge about the cellular structure of human organs brings us an important step closer to creating functional organs artificially on demand. "

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