China's outbreak spurs fears of face mask shortage worldwide


The Future Is A Big Paradox

28 January 2020

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New Theory Could Solve Universe's Biggest Paradox

A British theoretical physicist has developed a theory that could solve one of the universe's biggest mysteries: why its rate of expansion is accelerating rather than slowing down, as predicted by the known laws of physics. The theory, known as "massive gravity," would modify Einstein's theory of general relativity to account for this rate disparity.

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ONE Tesla Offers Free Charging in China During Coronavirus Outbreak

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TWO China Announces Plan to Ban Single-Use Plastics

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THREE Seven Unexploded WWII Bombs Found at German Tesla Factory Site

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FOUR Chinese Outbreak Fear Spurs Worldwide Face Mask Shortage

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FIVE Makers of "Plague Inc." Game: Get Your Coronavirus Info Elsewhere

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Here's the Growing Coronavirus Death Toll in One Chilling Graph

The coronavirus claimed its first life on January 10, and since then the death toll has climbed at an alarming and accelerating rate. We've plotted the death toll over time to help illustrate the rising mortality from the virus. This story and its embedded graph will be updated as we learn more and time goes on.

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" It doesn't matter what you make people sign. You can't [eliminate] your burden to provide your employees with safe working conditions. "

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