Two huge stories (and a bunch of little ones) from The Verge

Foxconn promised to build a factory in Wisconsin, then kept changing the deal. It's a fiasco of the highest order and it's nowhere near resolved yet. If you missed our gangbusters report last Friday, it's linked below. Also linked below is Casey Newton's latest feature on how big companies aren't doing a good enough job taking care of their moderators. 

The Verge is absolutely not slowing down this December. There are yet more features and big stories coming this week from our team that I can't wait to hit the internet. (Full disclosure: I've participated in making almost none of it!)

I have a couple programming notes to mention for this newsletter, too. The holidays are coming here in the US and I'll be traveling again and so the newsletter may be a little intermittent. But in the background I'll be working on two things: preparing for the Consumer Electronics Show in early January and preparing some nice improvements for the very newsletter you're reading right now. 

I'm much more excited for the second one. :)

- Dieter

News from The Verge

Google and YouTube moderators speak out on the work that gave them PTSD

This is Casey Newton's third big moderation report of the year and well worth your time. Rather than say more, I'll direct you to read it and also to subscribe to Casey's newsletter, The Interface, which will have more on this issue today.

Exclusive: documents show Foxconn refuses to renegotiate Wisconsin deal

Josh Dzieza got the receipts: Wisconsin doesn't know what the hell Foxconn is doing and Foxconn is doing everything it can to not clarify its plans. It's all a fiasco.

The HP Elite Dragonfly is too stylish for the boardroom

The Dragonfly proves that corporate business machines don't have to be boring and soulless. In fact, they can be more desirable than their consumer-focused counterparts. It even has a cool name, unlike the jumble of letters and numbers most laptops are bestowed with. The biggest issue with the Dragonfly might be its price. At this cost, it's not likely to become a standard-issue computer at most companies, and it will likely be reserved for the C-suite.

The latest Spectre x360 13 shows that HP can actually make a good trackpad

Unless you really want a 3:2 aspect ratio (like you can get on a Dell XPS or a Surface Laptop), this thing looks like it might be better bang for you buck. Thank GOD HP finally addressed the trackpad problem!

FDA approves new closed-loop insulin delivery system for people with Type 1 diabetes

One central difference with this software is that it is considered "interoperable." That means users are not locked into using products by Tandem Diabetes Care. They can build a personalized system using other sensors and pumps that have the same designation from the FDA. ... The software system can also automatically deliver a corrective dose of fast-acting insulin if it determines that a user's blood sugar levels are too high.

Apple Arcade adds new annual $49.99 subscription option

Again: I think monthly costs should always be followed by yearly costs as that's a more accurate of its impact on your budget.

Apple pulls app that let you turn your phone into a virtual iPod with click wheel

This seems overdue: Google Maps now filters searches for EV charger plug types

YouTube is growing up, and creators are frustrated by growing pains

Julia Alexander on the latest turn in the YouTube burnout trend. It's getting more serious.

New Android phones in Turkey to lose Google services in antitrust dispute

There's a not small chance that 2020 is the year that Android fragmentation, which has been on the decline, will massively spike. The flipside of Google taking a firmer hand in how Android is experiences via Google Mobile Services is that it is further from "stock" Android. And if Google is kicked out, the size of the rift between Google and non-Google Android is therefore larger.

PSA: RCS, the successor to SMS, is now live for all US Android users

This is good. And option to have it end-to-end encrypted would be better. That plus support from iPhones would be best. Baby steps.

Google's 4K Pixelbook Go is now available for purchase

I thought the Pixelbook Go was pretty good when I reviewed it. I do not understand why anybody would want it with a battery-killing 4K screen, honestly.

Boeing will halt production of troubled 737 Max airplane

T-Mobile's first 5G phones are a stepping stone to the real thing

If the below is really true, I think it's a much, much more compelling pitch for 5G on phones than virtually anything I've heard to date. I would like faster speeds, sure, but the idea that previous dead spots get lit up with data that also happens to be just a little faster is much more interesting.

More often than not, we don't get amazing data speeds in real-world use; the benefit of low-band 5G is that you'll see faster, more dependable coverage at the same places that previously suffered poor coverage. In one Brooklyn coffee shop, the OnePlus hit around 40Mbps, which obviously isn't impressive on its own. But my Verizon iPhone 11 Pro Max could barely cross 7Mbps in the same spot. Elsewhere, I often saw over 120Mbps. Again, taken alone, that's ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But knowing you'll get top-tier data speeds almost everywhere you go is a nice perk. It just doesn't necessarily feel very next generation.

Verge Deal of the day 

Here are the best last-minute deals that won't break the bank

The holidays are upon us, and if you haven't finished (or started) your shopping, welcome to the club. To help you out, we've pulled together all of the pertinent dates you should know about to ensure your gifts are delivered in time, and of course, all of the deals you need to know about.

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